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There’s nothing like Australia.

The Commonwealth of Australia, home to the world’s oldest living cultures, is the epitome of abundance for adventure-seekers. Its six states and mainland territories comprise the world’s smallest continent but Australia is proof that very good things come in small packages.

Australia offers something that every tourist can love. For the true traveler, however, this land delivers an unbelievable variety of opportunities. Our expedition includes not one, not two but all three essential destinations: Sydney, Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sydney, capital city of New South Wales, lies on the continent’s east coast. Home to the world’s largest natural harbor, Port Jackson, Sydney has been the home of indigenous Australians for tens of thousands of years. Its market economy thrives on economics, tourism and manufacturing, but Sydney’s national treasures are its landmarks and natural features. This cosmopolitan city offers something for everyone.

As one of the world’s most recognizable natural landmarks, Ayers Rock stands as the iconic symbol of the Uluru rock formation and the surrounding natural features. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the region offers Aboriginal cave paintings, rock caves, springs and waterholes.

If you’ve considered an Australian adventure, the Great Barrier Reef is surely on your list of must-see locations. Also a World Heritage Site, the reef is situated within the Coral Sea, just off the coast of Queensland. Although considered one of the world’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef serves as a cultural and spiritual anchor for Aboriginal Australians and islanders.

(Until time for our departure, check out the Google Underwater Street View in 3D of the Great Barrier Reef here!)

No visit to the Great Barrier Reef would be complete without the exploration of the nearby jungle and rainforest region. Cairns and Tropical North Queensland mark the spot at which the Reef intersects the rainforest. With its abundant wildlife and dramatic landscape, visitors overwhelmingly report this experience as one of the greatest in their lives.

True travelers unfailingly name the Big Three Australian destinations high on their bucket lists. If these breathtaking locales are on your to-do list, contact Discovery Expeditions and Adventures today. We will create the ideal experience, personalized to meet your greatest travel desires.

Expand Your Adventure: New Zealand Supplement

Although symbolically linked to Australia by proximity, New Zealand offers the discerning traveler a unique and engaging experience. One of the last world locations settled by man, the remote nature of this island country boasts a unique cultural synthesis. Asian, Polynesian and Pacific Islander cultures meld seamlessly with indigenous Maori and European influences. Visitors seek out this amalgamation of artistic and cultural influences, combined within a cosmopolitan environment that is eclipsed only by the area’s dramatic natural beauty.

Thanks to New Zealand’s long-standing geographic isolation, the island’s biodiversity includes a striking blend of unique plants and animals. The temperate maritime climate and diverse geographic features contribute to a heady travel experience that few can resist.

If you plan to visit Australia for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we urge you to consider including the New Zealand experience to your itinerary. You have our word it’s a choice you’ll be grateful for the rest of your life.