Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

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Kingdoms of wonder: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand Tours

Southeast Asia stands as a mystifying paradox of bustling city life and silent, solemn temples. Nowhere else on earth is culture and tradition so well-preserved. A rich tapestry of sight, sounds, smells and tastes, a journey through Southeast Asia is a trip back in time. Here you will experience a glimpse into history, spirituality and gentle beauty.

Vietnam stands proud and strikingly beautiful, despite its tumultuous history. Famous today for its pristine beaches and lush rainforests, visitors enjoy a delightful mélange of local influences mixed with international flair. Cambodia, the original Khmer Empire, also shows off its French influence, and is beloved for its rich heritage of food, sculpture and dance. Thailand defies description, and can only be fully appreciated in person. This country’s beauty encompasses its people as well as its geography, and you will fall gratefully into its otherworldly, gentle embrace.

Cambodia Tours Are Rich with Cultural Treasure

In Cambodia, you will experience countless archeological and cultural treasures. Primary among those is Angkor Wat, the temple complex that stands as the largest religious monument in the world. Originally established as a Hindu temple, Angkor Wat became a Buddhist temple in the 12th century. Designed to simulate the mythological Mount Meru, home of the gods, this breathtaking monument was constructed in the temple mountain design and features concentric galleries ornately carved from sandstone blocks. Now habituated by saffron-robed monks and pilgrims seeking spiritual enlightenment, Angkor Wat holds the treasures of the Khmer people and a peek into Indochinese history.

Experience Unsurpassed Beauty with Vietnam Tours

Ha Long Bay, located n Quảng Ninh Province of Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was home to prehistoric civilizations as far back as 18,000 BC. Bearing great importance in Vietnamese history, this “rock wonder in the sky” has been the subject of many a verse and song. Enjoy the picturesque fishing villages, massive grottos and dramatic limestone cliffs.

In the ancient Vietnamese city of Saigon (formally Ho Chi Minh City today), you will fall in love with the French colonial architecture and grand boulevards. In addition to its vast architectural and cultural history, Saigon is home to hundreds of cinemas, museums, theatres, gardens and world-class restaurants.

Thailand Tours Are Full of Natural Wonders

In northern Thailand, Chiang Mai holds the Phra Singh, one of the most famous images of Buddha. Tour the ancient city by rickshaw and stroll the many open-air markets, including the famous Night Market.

The famed Golden Triangle, the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers, marks the location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (Burma) come together. A region rich in natural beauty and lifestyles, this area is home to many important temples and spiritual gathering places.

What Asian adventure would be complete without elephants? Our exclusive expedition provides you the opportunity to explore the jungle on a sure-footed elephant. Our trek often involves an encounter with indigenous Thai peoples, providing an intimate peek into their unique and insular culture.

Our exclusive expeditions are limited and personalized, providing intimate entrance to the wonders of the region, and the kind of up-close, hands-on experience that other tours cannot offer. Contact Discovery Expeditions and Adventures today to learn more about our exclusive Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand tours.