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Think about the adventures you’ve always aspired, the “bucket list” dreams you never really believed would become reality. Now, imagine yourself there.

Imagine an intimate, intrepid group of travelers, fully immersed in a dazzling, transformative encounter half-way around the world. When you journey with guided tours from Discovery Expeditions and Adventures, your experience is lived from the inside out, and you appreciate the world as ancient explorers might have, when first setting foot on exotic lands.

Here at Discovery Expeditions and Adventures, we know that anyone can vacation, but few ever have the opportunity for a true adventure. Are you ready?

If so, won’t you join us as we venture off the beaten path, walk in the footsteps of history’s most important figures, and enrich our lives through an immersion in distant and colorful cultures?

Our focus is ultra-small group tours, allowing our imaginative guides to interact personally with every traveler. Our expeditions venture into the far corners of the globe, or wherever you want to go. And we never follow the beaten paths or ubiquitous formulas you may have seen before. We’re all about insider access, venturing deeper and going further than you ever dreamed possible.

We are passionate about travel and, as your personal tour guides, we will introduce you to people and places you’ve only dreamed of… Until now.

We invite you to spend some time here on our site. Peruse the striking images of our past adventures, and read about the mysterious lands we visit. Then, let your imagination be your guide, as you choose your destination of a lifetime.

Haven’t you waited long enough?

LDS Singles! Ask about our specialty tours, just for you and your friends!