Discover The Continent of Antarctica

You’ve dreamed of experiencing the hushed grandeur of the Antarctic, of gliding silently past soaring glaciers and witnessing a midnight sunset with your own eyes. With Discovery Expeditions and Adventures, you finally have the opportunity to do more than see Antarctica drift by from a ship. Join us on one of our Antarctica Tours, and see the legendary White Continent up close, where you can walk on its plateaus and beaches, rather than watch them drift by from afar.

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Upcoming Antarctica Tours:
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Upcoming Antarctica Tours:

Set Foot on the 7th Continent

Our Antarctica tours put you on solid ground. You will have options to camp, kayak or paddle board. You can even visit the legendary science and research facilities located at the southern end of the world.

Oh, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the sights from the water, as we navigate the Antarctic Peninsula and the neighboring islands. But you’ll also enjoy exclusive excursions aboard our 8-seater Zodiac, and that’s where the real magic begins.

With our Antarctica Tours, you’ll explore the wildlife-rich bays and channels, and scout for humpback whales. Enjoy penguin rookeries and fur seal habitats, and experience the miracle of blue ice up close. Venture on to the research stations and you will have the opportunity to learn from the actual scientist and researchers themselves. The remote Antarctic scientific research facilities, most of which operate all year long, study the region’s ecosystems and conservation efforts.

At the south edge of planet Earth, where nature is at her most rugged and remote, you will be constantly amazed by the dazzling array of wildlife and the unending backdrop of dramatic frozen vistas. Until you have walked among its marvels, it’s difficult to conceive of this stunning world of white.
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Antarctica Tours Available Only Seasonally

The window for visiting this remarkable destination is brief, thanks to the brutal weather conditions that prevail for most of the year. During this fleeting glimpse of summertime, however, the seals frolic, the whales migrate and penguin chicks hatch, seemingly just for you.

When you travel on one of Discovery Expeditions and Adventures one-of-a-kind Antarctica Tours, you will enjoy the finest amenities our industry has to offer, in the company of gracious and knowledgeable guides. Our guides ensure that your experience is exactly what you envisioned, and that every moment marks a new memory.

Whether you choose the 10-day or 14-day expedition, your custom Antarctic tour is guaranteed to be the adventure of a lifetime. If you’re ready to feel the ice crunch under your boots, and the knowledge that few – if any – have walked there before you, contact Discovery Expeditions and Adventures. We will create the perfect adventure for you.
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