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Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the land of the Pharaohs, of riding a camel through the Sahara or decrypting hieroglyphs on centuries-old monuments? Egypt represents a holy grail of travel destinations and, for many adventure-seekers, gazing upon the Pyramids is definitely a bucket-list item. But what if you could gaze upon the Pyramids from the inside?

At Discovery Expeditions and Adventures, the mysteries of Egypt come alive, just for you, with insider access you won’t find elsewhere. Our exclusive Egypt Tours actually take you inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu. But that’s only the beginning of your adventure.
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Experience History with Unique Egypt Tours

Long known as the cradle of civilization, Egypt is the proud home to the world’s earliest and best-known examples of art, architecture and invention. Organized religion, centralized government and even urbanization were born here. Today the region remains a significant focus of archeological study. Its great mysteries and ancient ruins and dramatic natural beauty captivate our imagination.

Your Egypt Tours journey will take you to—and inside—the Great Pyramids, the last surviving ancient wonder of the world. You will ride a camel through the desert, recalling the ancient nomadic, desert-dwelling Bedouins and their treks across the Sahara. You will marvel at the sight of the Sphinx, and contemplate the great stone beast’s mythological riddles.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu, which you will explore from the inside, is the oldest and largest of the Giza Necropolis, and the only one to remain largely intact. Built as tomb for the Fourth-Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Khufu, the structure is believed to have been constructed in 2560 BC. The opportunity to tour this venerable structure is reserved for the lucky few, but the Discovery Expeditions and Adventures unique Egypt Tours offer you this exclusive opportunity.

In Cairo, you will walk the narrow alleyways of Khan el-Khalili, a true Egyptian souk, or open-air market. Situated one of the city’s most important economic centers, the kahn is home to the commercial exploits of sultans as well as mausoleums and monuments. Stroll the booths of artisans and talk with local merchants and shopholders, just as the Egyptians have done for a thousand years.
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Egypt Tours Let You Discover the Mysteries of the Ancients

The Pharaohs, including Ramses and Alexander the Great, reigned from ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis beginning with the First Dynasty, around 3100 BC. Today, the ruins of the kingdom have been unearthed by archeologists, who continue to find remnants and reliquaries of ancient civilization. Nearby, the Ancient Pyramids of Sakkarah served as Memphis’s sacred burial grounds. Our travels will take you to the famed stepped Pyramid of Djoser, where international teams of researchers continue to unearth well-preserved mummies and other antiquities.

If your ambition is to visit Egypt, experience this marvel of ancient civilization in the way that only Discovery Expeditions and Adventures can provide. Contact us today and get started with your own Egypt Tour!

Enhance Your Egypt Tour with a Supplemental Nile Cruise

More than five thousand years of Egyptian history lines the banks of the Nile River. Experience it in style with our Nile Cruise tour. You will feel like a Pharaoh yourself, as you explore this lifeline of ancient civilization in the lap of luxury. Our intimate river yacht cruise is the perfect finale for your once-in-a-lifetime Egyptian adventure experience.
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