Petra, Jordan Tours: The Rose-Red City Half as Old as Time

Petra, the historic Rose City of southwestern Jordan, is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, or even imagined. Established in 312 BC, this cultural heritage site is the iconic destination of Jordan. In fact, the city wasn’t even known to the western world until the early 1800s. Today, a treasured spiritual and historical mecca, Petra stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city was literally carved from the sandstone face of the Jebel al-Madhbah mountain by the Nabateans, an ancient nomadic Arab tribe. Once the center of the caravan trade, the towering rocks that surround the city create an oasis, watered by a perennial stream. The Petran civilization once stood as the crossroads of the Near East and center of commerce for the once-vibrant spice trade.

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Petra, Jordan Tours:
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Petra, Jordan Tours:

Explore the Lost City of Petra

Today, visitors explore the ancient temples, tombs and aqueducts of this lost city. Once the home of more than 20,000 Nabateans, archeological research provides us today with a fascinating look at what life was like in Petra more than two millennia ago.

Over 1,000 monuments have been discovered in and around Petra but, unfortunately, most Petra Jordan tours only allow travelers to explore one or two. Discovery Expeditions and Adventures offers you an exclusive opportunity that typical tourist groups never even glimpse.

Our Petra expedition is led by a working archeologist, currently engaged in an active dig in the area. Instead of the “same old” sights, you will have a truly unique opportunity to experience monuments not available to other tour groups. His knowledge of local archeological sites, relationships with local Bedouins, and understanding of history will be invaluable to giving you a one-of-a-kind adventure.
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The Rose City: Treasure of Petra, Jordan Tours

As dramatic as Petra itself is, the trek to the Rose City is an experience you will remember forever. You will negotiate a dramatic path through the gorge that stood as the natural gate and protective walls of the city, where you will see ancient structures such as the Obelisk Tomb and the Bab As-Siq Triclinium, a spiritual chamber used by the Nabateans for feasts honoring the dead.

Later days of our Petra Jordan tours transition into high adventure mode. We will trek to the High Place of Sacrifice, a sacred site that looks down upon Petra’s ancient center. The breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding mountains provide the perfect backdrop for exploring this site, which was reserved for important religious ceremonies, funerals and sacrificial rites.

The desert landscape of Wadi Rum is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the entire middle East. This is the desert of Lehi and exploits of TE Lawrence. We will explore this desert landscape by foot and 4 wheel drive adventure. We will watch the sunset in the desert and overnight at Beit Ali a Bedouin Camp.

If walking in the footsteps of a lost ancient civilization and experiencing archeological history as it’s being made appeals to you, contact Discovery Expeditions and Adventures about booking our Petra Jordan Tours today. We will show you the true heart and soul of the ancient Rose City of Petra.
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