Petra Tours May Soon Include Newly Discovered Monument

Our Petra tours are always in high demand, simply because this ancient city is truly one of the world’s great marvels.
Travelers visiting this part of Jordan have the good fortune to experience a wealth of archaeological sites along with ancient aqueducts, temples and tombs. Now, thanks to a recent discovery of great historical significance, future tours may include a massive monument that dates back to 150 B.C.

Petra Tours Highlight an Amazingly Rich History

Known as the Rose City, Petra is situated in what is today southwestern Jordan. Although it was established in the 300s B.C., it was abandoned in the seventh century A.D. Consequently, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was not rediscovered until 1812.

Literally carved into the pink-hued sandstone cliffs that surround it, Petra was a pivotal stop on the caravan route that fed the spice trade and served as the heart of the Nabataean empire.

Today, our Petra tours include an in-depth experience of the ongoing archaeological work that continues to unearth previously unseen monuments and historical wonders. Recently, researchers discovered a truly remarkable — but previously unidentified — monument.
Fortunately, through the foundation, we were able to raise enough money to undertake a well project for the Samburu.

Newly Discovered Petra Monument May Be 2,150 Years Old

In June of 2016, archaeologists Sarah Parcak and Christopher Tuttle discovered a massive platform 800 meters from Petra’s central core. Advanced satellite technology provided the detailed imagery that facilitated this discovery.

Measuring approximately 184 feet by 161 feet, the platform is lined with columns and features a giant staircase on one side. An interior platform topped by a 28-by-28-foot structure connects to the staircase.

Pottery found in and around the monument dates back to 150 B.C., almost as far back as Petra’s founding.

What This Discovery Means for Future Petra Tours

Although Petra provides an ongoing source of significant archeological discoveries, this recent find is particularly exciting. Its age and massive scale are unlike anything else that has been found in the area.

Because this discovery is in its earliest stages, it’s difficult to determine when the site will be available for visitation. But Petra is a city of constant discovery, and archeological digs are always ongoing. Consequently, most Petra tours involve visits to key discovery sites.

When you travel with Discovery Expeditions & Adventure, however, you experience these historical marvels from an insider’s perspective.

Our Petra tours are led by a working archaeologist with an active excavation site. Rather than being shuffled along behind a rope hoping to catch a glimpse of their work, you will have the opportunity to become immersed in the discovery process, led by a renowned and well-respected scientist.

This is only one example of the rich experiences that Discovery Expeditions provides to those who travel with us.

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